How to use Vegan Fish Sauce

Vegan fish sauce, perfect for plenty of Asian recipes. It’s salty and full of flavor, made with ingredients and ready in a few minutes.

Vegan fish sauce is a condiment that works great with lots of different Asian dishes. It gives it a delicious taste and truly makes a difference when preparing new recipes! 

This sauce is a basic pantry ingredient everyone should have on hand. It can be very helpful when cooking dishes like ramen, noodles, or even other sauces because it provides an amazing depth of flavor. 

Complex Soups and Stews  

A dash of fish sauce may seem out of place in chili, but it's an ideal way to add meaty depth to soups and stews (and no, your dish won't taste like fish!). Need proof? Look no further than our quick pressure-cooker chicken chile verde or a bowl of Spicy Chorizo and Pinto Bean Chili. Fish sauce also amplifies the savory richness of our French Onion Soup, adds character to this Filipino-style chicken and rice soup, and seasons the broth for Traditional Beef Pho. 

How long will this vegan fish sauce last? 

This vegan fish sauce will last for 1 month in the fridge. Remember to keep it in a sealed container and shake before using it to make sure all the ingredients are well mixed. 

Can I freeze this vegan fish sauce? 

Of course! I’d recommend you freeze it in small portions in an ice cube mold so you can use each portion individually. 

In that case, you won’t need to thaw them previously, so just add the frozen cubes into your hot pot or saucepan while you’re cooking. It will last for up to 2-3 months in the freezer. 

How to use vegan fish sauce 

This condiment goes well with plenty of Asian recipes. Use it just like regular fish sauce and eat it with dishes like pad Thai, vegan ramen, Thai soups, and lots of other delicious meals.

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