A collaboration to strengthen your private label

The choice of Asian food products is plentiful and there are many different savours.

This is why Asian Food Supply is at your service with counselling and sparring throughout the process from development of ideas to the final product. Likewise, we are happy to help sourcing products outside of our own range.

The Asian Food Supply private label products are known for their high quality adapted to individual wishes and demands. We help you identify needs, adaptation of quality, modifications of taste and taste varieties, design and production of packaging as well as the launch of the product.

This is all well founded on our unique insight and long-standing experience with consumer behaviour, retail business, and production of food products in Asia.

A unique combination

Asian Food Supply is a unique combination of experience and knowledge of European culture, tastes and tradition. We know what our customers seek, and from which suppliers we can find the right products, production methods and prices. We are also happy to point to alternative suppliers and assist in setting up agreements of cooperation.

We purchase all over Asia, though primarily Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and China. We have offices at several locations in Asia and visit our producers regularly to ensure that the working conditions are in order, and that the physical production of the goods is satisfactory and comply with our CRS policy.

We strive to buy raw materials exclusively from suppliers who have been approved through at least one of the following certifications: BRC, IFS, ISO 22000, BSCI, FSSC 22000, GFSI & KRAV. If you would like more information about the different certifications, please feel free to contact us.

All foreign production is quality tested continually and imports are continuously tested by our suppliers.

This way, Asian Food customers and collaborators become part of a top professional and flexible cooperation, where professional authority and a tight dialogue go hand in hand in ensuring the optimal outcome.

Packaging as you wish

Every product must be pleasing for the eye and send the right signals to pass the final test from the consumers once they are on the shop shelves.

Therefore, we advise on construction of packaging to give it a appealing and authentic look. For it is the packaging that sells the contents the first time - and the quality that makes the customers come back.

To offer maximal flexibility to our customers we cooperate with local filling plants in Denmark. This enables us to deliver rapidly and in flexible quantities, and at the same time offer a larger range of bottles and pots to match the European taste, demands and standards.

We also offer maximum flexibility through our contact with the printers and fillers in the countries of production as well as in Denmark, so that everything is procured where the choice is the largest, the quality right and the price competitive.

Own warehouse for maximum flexibility

As we have our own warehouse facility in Denmark, we can offer fast and flexible packing and delivery of all products. And as all the processes are carried out at our own premises, this allows us to set up just-in-time delivery, but also to cope with an urgency.

We pack according to customer specification in our warehouse and with the GS1 pallet labels, we ensure traceable shipments.

Continuous dialogue and development of the cooperation

It is a hallmark of Asian Food Supply that for us cooperation does not stop when the goods have left timely for the customers. We continually follow up on deliveries as well as on our cooperation so that we always know that our customers - as well as theirs - are happy.

We also invite our customers to a dialogue about new products and new possibilities to strengthen their profile and market position. For as we promise to lift private level to a higher level we are obliged to keep our focus on listening, reflecting and acting.

We have a unique product knowledge and are pleased to share it with our customers. For this is the only way we can earn and deserve the long-term relation we have with many of our customers.