Asian Food Supply A/S is an Asian Food Supplier based in Denmark. We provide diverse collection of Asian foods and distribute to many leading Nordic and Europe Supermarket Chains. We only do business with trustworthy organizations we are well acquainted with and buy straight from the producers. Additionally, we periodically inspect our partners and have branches and staff in various Asian nations. Due to the fact that we have a warehouse of our own in Denmark, we are able to offer quick and flexible packing and shipping for all products. Additionally, since all of the processes are completed on-site, we are able to set up just-in-time delivery while still being able to handle an emergency.

Vision and Missions

We want to make Asian food more accessible to people all around the world and provide our clients a fresh flavor of the Orient. 

We put a lot of effort into offering customers distinctive shopping experiences with niche goods that are of the highest quality and have been carefully chosen from reputable manufacturing partners in Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, and Eastern nations. 


Three pillars support our business: 
  • The dedication to challenging the status quo and engaging in innovative ideas 
  • Understanding and awareness of the difficulties faced by the retail industry. 
  • Accountability, respect for others, for colleagues, and concern for products. 

Asian Food Supply's food products have all been carefully chosen to ensure good quality. 

Actually, we conduct business "at root level"—directly with the producer—not merely to get a good deal but also for the assurance of product quality and the opportunity to conduct on-site audits and controls of both the working environment and the products themselves. 

Our vendors routinely test the quality of all imports and all foreign production. To the best of our ability, we only purchase raw materials from vendors that have earned at least one of the following certifications: BRC, IFS, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, BSCI, GFSI, and KRAV 

Our products