Taste of Vietnam in Thailand

In Thailand, one of the favorite dishes from Vietnam has become a familiar and very popular dish in this country. It's grilled spring rolls that Thai people call "nam nueng," which sounds similar to Vietnamese pronunciation. 

From the famous Vietnamese dish in Thailand… 

Namnueng is actually the "nem lụi" dish of Hue. Because the Thai people can't say the word "nem lụi", so the name was changed to "nem nướng” and pronounced "namnueng" in Thai pronunciation. 

Namnueng are made from combining many different ingredients, including pork, fresh vegetables and many other ingredients, all of which must always be fresh. In addition, the dipping sauce of this dish also contributes to creating more attractiveness for diners. 


Perhaps that's why "namnueng" has made Thai diners welcome and "fascinated". However, to suit the taste of Thai diners, the dish has been adjusted in the preparation of dipping sauce, so if Vietnamese people come to enjoy it, there will be a certain difference. 

Namnueng has become a famous street food in Thailand, loved by almost most Thai people. 

The dish is also well received as an indispensable part of Thai people's holidays, Tet or important parties. In particular, members of the Thai Royal Family also love namnueng. 


How Hue’s style is it to enjoy grilled spring rolls? 

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to enjoy the “namnueng” of Hue will surely still be dumbfounded with the taste of this "nostalgic" dish whenever someone mentions it. Huế’s Namnueng are sweet and delicious, when grilled, there is a delicious aroma of meat mixed with onions, garlic and other spices that cannot be confused. 

Namnueng are often served with salad, raw vegetables, green bananas, sour star fruit, rolled with rice paper and fine rice vermicelli, dipped with special sauce. So you have a delicious dish, you can also eat it with rice or rice vermicelli. 


How to make grilled spring rolls from Hue? 

Preparation materials: 

- 500 gr minced pork (meat with both meat and fat) 

- 2 purple onions 

- 6 cloves of garlic 

- 2 scallions (white part) 

- 1 tablespoon sugar 

- 2 tablespoons fish sauce 

- 1 teaspoon pepper 

- 30 gr of tapioca flour 

- Raw vegetables, cucumber, green banana, rice cake, rice paper roll, star fruit, salad 

- Broth: 300ml soy sauce, 150gr ground pork, 150gr pork liver, 40ml fresh milk, 1 tablespoon tapioca starch, half a bowl of peanuts, ¼ cup of white sesame, sugar, chili powder. 


Hue’s style instruction: 

Step 1: You peel the red onion and garlic and then wash the white onion root, then put it all in the mortar and pound it. Next, you add ground meat with pepper, sugar, fish sauce and a little tapioca flour into a mortar with onions and garlic and mix well to infuse the meat with spices. 

Step 2: After mixing the meat with spices and marinating ingredients, use a pestle to pound the meat for about 5-7 minutes. 

Step 3: You prepare bamboo skewers (can be bought from the store or made by yourself), you can also use sharpened bamboo chopsticks. Then, apply a little cooking oil to the palm of your hand to keep the meat from sticking to your hands. Then, you wrap the meat around the bamboo skewers, as short as you want! 

Step 4: Grilled meat: With spring rolls from Hue, you grill on charcoal is the most delicious. But if you don't have charcoal, you can bake it in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for about 15-20 minutes, sometimes you spread a little cooking oil to keep the meat from drying out. You can also bake on a non-stick pan by adding oil to the pan and then putting the meat skewers into the pan. You bake the spring rolls until you see the side of the spring rolls are golden, then return to grill the other side until the spring rolls are golden on both sides. 

Step 5: Make the broth: 

– Sesame and peanuts are roasted until golden and then pounded with a mortar. 

- Pour the tapioca flour into a bowl, mix with about 2 tablespoons of water, stir well to dissolve the tapioca. 

– Wash pork liver, cut into bite-sized pieces and then put it in a bowl, pour fresh milk over the liver, soak for about 30 minutes, then pour into a basket to drain, mince finely with a knife. 

– Heat 2 tablespoons of cooking oil in a pan, then add minced garlic and sauté until fragrant, then pour in ground pork and stir-fry, add liver and stir well. Then put the soy sauce and chili powder into the pot, bring to a low heat, add about 3 teaspoons of sugar, bring to a boil, and then season to taste. 

- Cook until the meat is tender, then add a bowl of tapioca water, cook and stir until the broth is a bit thick, then turn off the heat, add sesame and peanuts and mix well. 

Put it all on the table and enjoy. 

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