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Coconut oil is extracted from the fresh white coconut meat and is a very nutritious oil.
Coconut oil is a natural product, vegetable and colorless. It is soft and creamy in its texture, tastes and smells of coconut, and is one of the most heat-stable plant oils. 

Coconut oil can be an alternative to butter as it gets hard under less than 24 degrees and floating above approx. 24 degrees. Coconut oil does not get damaged by the temperature change.

Tip! Give your popcorns a "flavour" of coconut, drop a spoonful in your morning coffee or tea and get an energy boost from the morningtime. Also, use it for your skin and hair care routines, if you are a fan of a little "bounty fragrance".

Coconut oil with flavor and coconut flavor is also available in an ecological version.

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