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Vivian Duong is the CEO of Asian Food Supply, a woman with a keen eye for environmental sustainability, healthy food and natural products. This talent, she has combined with a burning wish to extend authentic, Asian food to the retail business throughout Europe. 

As the child of a Vietnamese mother and a Chinese father she arrived in Denmark in 1993. Having attended Danish lessons for a year concurrently with her commercial education, she was soon to be employed by ALDI as a shop assistant. But after just three months at ALDI’s she was appointed store manager in one of their largest supermarket stores in Denmark. During a period of only 6 years at ALDI’s, she fitted in the management of ALDI’s activities neighbour towns of Hedensted, Odder, Skanderborg, Middelfart and Horsens.

After those years, she had now plucked up the courage and was ready to open her own grocery shops under the SPAR banner and managed them very successfully. So, in 2009, she opened her first specialist business selling Asian food, delivering to private homes, restaurants and other specialty stores which would soon grow into a series of stores in several Danish larger towns.

In 2014 she teamed up with the former Purchasing Manager at Edeka, Knud Ankjær, in founding Asian Food Supply. 

The combinaton of Knud Ankjær’s great experience and Vivian Duong’s in-deapth knowledge of both Asian and European market situations was what made a rapidly growing success of the business. Today, Asian Food Supply deals with the majority of the largest retail chains in Scandinavia.

Vivian Duong is an outstanding personality and a very knowledgeable leader with bold opinions on quality and great expectations to employees as well as suppliers. 

“We want to be a healthy business. This obviously means that we want the best raw materials, environmentally sound products and that we only want decent suppliers with the right certifications and a good working environment. 

But it also makes us a business with a healthy economy, cost-concious staff and the steadfast approach that cooperation must benefit the customer’s bottom line in order to benefit our own.”

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Asian Food Supply cooperate closely with many of Europe's top supermarket chains