Taking private label to the next level
Asian Food Supply means authentic quality products from Asia, adapted to, packaged and supplied exactly according to our customers' request.

Danish company with Asian roots

Asian Food Supply is more than just a Danish import company with its roots in Asia. 

We are also a sounding board and collaborator for a series of leading European purchasing and shop chains within the private label food market. 

We purchase directly from the producers and only deal with serious companies we know intimately. Moreover, we have branches and staff in several Asian countries and regularly audit our collaborators.

We have our own warehouse allowing us to supply exiting combination of ecological, healthy and tasty products just-in-time. 

Soya paste, noodles, coconut oil and milk, sauces as well as special products and exciting accessories are among our most popular products


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Asian Food Supply cooperate closely with many of Europe's top supermarket chains